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Domenic comes from a culture that is steeped in a history of instrument making and a passion for bespoke products. He builds concert classical guitars in his studio in Adelaide, Australia.
His first instrument was made in 2001, and this started a life-long journey to create beautiful instruments. For many years Domenic has been mentored by Jim Redgate in the finer points of guitar making, including the principles of latice braced construction. He now makes a range of guitars which include classical and steel string acoustic guitars, using rare, exotic timbers. Whether it's a Fleta copy (made from detailed plans carefully measured from original Fleta guitars), or one of his own modern classicals or an acoustic steel string, you can be assured of a quality, handmade guitar with a balanced, exquisite sound. The tonal qualities of the guitars Domenic builds are the result of many years of evolving and honing the individual components critical to making a great guitar. He has supplied guitars to many local guitarists as well as guitarists in Asia and Europe.
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